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Inside Residential Curbside is June 3, 2023

BEDC has the new Loan Grant Application - Contact City Hall or download the application under the EDC Tab

The City of Bronte is accepting applications for a Part-time city ordinance enforcement officer. Qualified candidates must be a Texas certified active or retired peace officer. Contact City of Bronte at 325.473.3501 for application.

It’s mowing season once again

We are needing your help with Mosquito Control. Please help by keeping your yard and alleyways mowed

and drain standing water on your property to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Please help conserve our water resources. Remember, watering in the heat of the day results in most of the water being evaporated.  Drought is a fact of life in West Texas. We are asking you to help conserve our lake water

this spring and summer by watering your lawns and gardens in the early morning and in the evening

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