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Bronte, TX 76933
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Welcome to Bronte, Texas!

The Regular City Council Meeting scheduled for Thursday March 9th and Friday March 10th has been cancelled. I apologize for this inconvenience.


Purchase Trust Properties in Bronte

Bidding will begin Thursday March 9th.


Located on the edge of West Texas, Bronte is easy to find and worth discovering. The city was named for English writer Charlotte Bronte.

Fort Chadbourne, established in 1852, lies northeast of the city. Downtown features include the historic Santa Fe Depot and the Texas Theater.

Antique shops, specialty shops and variety of other businesses line the main street.

Good fishing is only 15 minutes away at Oak Creek Lake. The area has an abundance of deer, quail, turkey and dove which provides excellent hunting. The County offers a public golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, and softball fields.

In addition to the wonderful local benefits, numerous attractions, recreation facilities and entertainment opportunities can also be found in nearby communities making Bronte an ideal place to live as well as visiting.

City Hall, Box 370, Bronte TX 76933, 325-473-3501,

Coke County is a county located in the U.S. state of Texas. In 2000, its population was 3,864. It is named for Richard Coke, the fifteenth governor of Texas. Coke County was one of 46 prohibition, or entirely dry, counties in the state of Texas, but passed a law allowing the sale of beer and wine in 2005. 

There is a very rich history of Native Americans in Coke County. Many local legends are based on stories about Native Americans, and artifacts can be found throughout the county. Arrowheads, spearpoints, and other evidence of Native American habitation are commonly found on land in the area.

Wildlife is abundant and diverse in Coke County. White-tailed deer inhabit the area in large populations, drawing hunters in great numbers to the area in the fall and winter seasons. Other game animals such as Rio Grande turkeys, mourning and white-wing doves, and scaled (blue) and bobwhite quail are popular with hunters visiting the area. Native mammals such as the raccoon, opossum, bobcat, foxes, and skunks are also common. The Mountain Lion, or Puma, is also known to be seen occasionally. Coke County is home to many snakes and other reptiles, and boasts a large population of birds, both migratory and non-migratory. Imported exotic animals, such as the Blackbuck antelope and the fallow deer, are beginning to be seen in the county as free-ranging animals as well. Lakes, creeks, and the Colorado River support a number of species of fish in the area.

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